All vegans are not created equal. As we have mentioned before, being vegan does not equal being healthy. You can consume indomie, french fries, plantain chips, soda, puff-puff, oreos, and all sorts of veganized desserts and still be considered vegan. If your animal-free diet is high in sugar, fat, starch and processed foods then you would be classified as a junk food vegan.

For some who choose to adopt a plant-based lifestyle it can be overwhelming and the best way to transition is by consuming products of comfort that mimic their prior beloved animal-based food items. These can come in the form of faux meat and cheeses like burger patties, sausages, parmesan, mozzarella etc. Although the transitioning vegan will avoid the negative effects of red meat, dairy and other animal products the plant-based alternatives are often void of proper nutrients and sometimes worse than consuming their animal counterparts.

Ideally, a healthy vegan diet should consist of mostly whole plant based foods which includes, vegetables, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits, super foods, and fermented foods.