What made you decide to go vegan? It’s a common question omnivores ask vegans after finding out they’ve adopted a plant-based lifestyle. The answer to this question is not a 'one shoe fits all' response. There are several reasons people choose to “go vegan” and below are some top reasons.

1. The animals

Without a doubt this is one of the most popular responses in the western world. In Nigeria, or greater Africa, it would be the least likely response. People in this region often feel that animals were created for human use so often don't make the connection that they are sentient beings that should have a right to life as they do. Animals go through a lot of pain and suffering in animal agriculture. Compassionate and caring vegans choose not to contribute to the unnecessary slaughtering of animals and instead opt for healthy plant-based food options.   

2. To prevent health issues

"Prevention is better than cure” is a common saying in Nigeria. With the knowledge of healthy living practices and the proven health risks associated with consuming animal products, some vegans have made the conscious decision to try and avoid unnecessary future medical expenses by choosing to power their body with plants in hopes of a better quality life.

3. To alleviate current health issues

Some who have gone vegan has chosen to do so after experiencing allergies or negative reactions to animal food products. After restricting the animal products from their diet they tend to have more energy, lose weight, clearer skin and overall improved health which helps them stay committed to a plant-based lifestyle.

4. The environment

Climate change, water scarcity, deforestation, species extinction, greenhouse gas emission, excessive waste are all reasons why some vegans choose saving the planet, our environment, over consuming animal products which directly impacts and contributes to these harmful effects.

5. Watched a documentary

The truth about animal agriculture, its poor practices and impact to animals / human health / the environment, is hidden from the public eye and not covered by the mass media. So when a non-vegan comes across a documentary that sheds light on what is happening they often will decide to take steps towards a conscious lifestyle and eventually give up consuming animal products.

Awareness is key and it is important to understand the impact of our food choices.