Most Nigerians underestimate the importance of a well balanced lunch, perhaps the economic situation of the country has contributed to selective eating habits. Eating lunch can raise blood level when concentration and focus are flagging, it also builds the energy level in the body. It keeps the human body refreshed and keeps it agile for several hours. Studies also shows that it keeps metabolism active, according to Dr. Kurt Hung “extended period of starvation between large meals creates gaps which keep metabolism from staying active”. Some suggested vegan options for lunch are listed below:

  1. Chickpea quiche

  2. Vegan jollof rice with a side of saute veg

  3. Pasta salad in peanut butter dressing

  4. Smokey veg meat, apple and arugula sandwich

  5. Lentil quinoa salad with spinach and lemon

  6. Vegan shawarma

  7. Spiced lentil, sweet potato and kale on whole wheat

  8. Couscous salad with cucumber, red onion and herbs

  9. Creamy curried cauliflower soup

  10. Veggie burger with a side salad

Give any of this awesome vegan lunch options a try this week.