Most Nigerians love the taste and feel of a warm, cooked meal so the idea of a raw food lifestyle may be considered unrealistic. Some of the possible misconceptions towards raw and living foods is that it will not help relieve germs in foods like cooked food, raw foods are tasteless or you cannot maintain a nutritionally balanced diet from raw foods.

These claims are not only over exaggerated but also not true. Raw food meals, just like cooked meals, can be delicious and nutritious. Often overlooked are the benefits that come with a raw foods lifestyle. We listed some of those benefits below.

  1. Foods are more alive and rich in enzymes in it's raw state.

  2. It improves energy levels in the human body.

  3. It prevents cancer

  4. Contrary to what people think, it improves digestion.

  5. It helps maintain a healthy body weight

  6. It improves the heart health

  7. It helps improves better sleep.

  8. It helps cure constipation.

  9. It helps prevent nutrients deficiency.

  10. It provides more dietary fiber.

Who can argue with that?