When people discover that someone is a vegan, one of the things that immediately pops to their minds is "that lifestyle must be really hard" and some will ask, "Isn't it difficult being vegan?"

It's hard to deny that changing lifestyles from animal-based to plant-based has its challenges, especially when an individual has a culture or upbringing of eating meats, cheese and all animal produce from an early stage of his/her life. But with adaquate knowledge and the right support system, it's not as hard as it seems. Afterall, things only becomes easy once you give it a try.

The sacrosanct thing needed in transition to vegan, after making a sincere personal decision, is determination. Only determination can make what seems impossible possible. Here are some basic steps non-vegans can take to make the transition easier:
• *Transition in phases.* Don't be too abrupt in the process, instead go at a speed you are comfortable with to ensure you enjoy the experience. You can decide to eliminate eggs from your menu first, then move further to the elimination of dairy then red meat then chicken, fish etcetera. Go gradually and slowly until you are comfortable with the vegan lifestyle.
• *Get a vegan cook book*. This will help you a long way and comfortable experimenting with plant-based dishes. 
• *Get varieties of vegan foods*. Stock your kitchen with varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables produce. It's easier to choose plant-based options when you have it readily available in abundance.
• *Research*. Increase your knowledge of which food items produce the highest nutrients, so that you stay healthy and body will thrive.

The joy of being vegan is being healthy and happy. You shouldn't feel pressured or unsatisfied. Enjoy the journey!