The month of February is undoubtedly one of the infamous months in the calendar where a special day is secluded for lovers. With lots of love in the air an interesting question came to the mind, can vegans and non-vegans date??

It sounds quite bewildering, right? Research into the vegans and non-vegans perception of the view shows that both sides find it sarcastic to go out on a date with someone who does not share the same lifestyle as them- “I definitely can’t cope with that”, “I can’t possibly date someone I can’t share a cup of milk and roasted chicken with, it’s not romantic”. All hope is not lost. We came up with some suggestions on how both groups of people can find common ground.
Here are some reasons vegans and omnivores should consider dating:

1. Opposites complements . Dating someone who shares different beliefs and opinions about being healthy could have a positive impact on your life and balance each other’s perspective.
2. Open mind and respect. Setting boundaries help with letting the other person know your habits and specific mannerisms. Respect should be mutual and that goes beyond food. If you are open minded, it allows you to experience new things and possible change your prior opinion.
3. People change. Many are familiar with the saying, “Change is the only thing constant in every human life”. A non-vegan could decide to try plant-based recipes prepared by his/her partner and decide to adopt more similar items to their diet and a vegan could also decide to take a break to reintroduce animal products for a period of time.

Love is selfless and sometimes that means trying new things.