Drinking tap water in Nigeria is not an option so bottled and sachet water, better known as pure water, is a necessity. But how safe is the packaged water we are forced to purchase?

We decided to test the pH levels of the most commonly consumed waters in Nigeria. The water we tested ranged from filtered table water to spring water to sachet water and other bottled waters which are often found on Nigerian streets. Fourteen brands of water were put to the alkaline test; these brands include: Eva, Nestle, Lasena, Aquafina, Aquadana, Cascade, Gossy, Valmont, Cway, Lucozade Hydro Pure, Swan, Sparwasser, Voltic and generic pure water. The results we got from the testing were quite surprising- few of the results exceeded our expectations, for instance, Lasena water happens to have the highest level of alkaline at about 8.0 pH, although it includes fluoride in it's composition. Swan had the highest pH out of the spring waters and included no chemical additives. The results of the test revealed that only six of the fourteen popular Nigerian brands of water are actually alkaline! I think it would be accurate to assume most Nigerians are consuming acidic water. This is definitely concerning.

Check out our YouTube video below to see the pH levels of each brand.